The Planning Cell of | Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is charged with preparing the draft Development Plan (DP) for the core area of Pune city(that is, the area managed by PMC prior to the merger of 23 fringe villages, for which a separate Baner Balewadi DP process is underway).

A DP Steering Committee has been set to guide the drafting process. One sub-group is helping to formulate the new Development Control (DC) Rules.

The DC Rules group is undertaking discussions and studies so that the new DC Rules will be easy to understand and implement and would provide a way for tackling some of the key challenges the city faces.

The discussions and minutes of the DC Rules group are available at the PCEF blog

Architect Shirish Kembhavi has suggested the following format to compare DC Rules of various major cities:

Comparison of Key Rules in Major Cities
Issue Bangalore Rule Bangalore Comment Delhi Rule Delhi Comment Hyderabad Rule Hyderabad Comment Singapore Rule Singapore Comment London Rule London Comment
Open Space
Congested Area
Non Congested Area
Free areas in Lieu of Premium if any
TDR/ Floating FSI norms if applicable

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